26th Annual Marathon 1st Annual Half Marathon

The Ellerbe Marathon and Half Marathon
26th Annual Marathon 1st Annual Half Marathon
February 25, 2017 8 a.m. start
New Course
The Ellerbe Marathon will undergo some changes for 2017. Mark Long is stepping down
as race director and handing the event to Doug Dawkins and Duke Smith. Doug will serve
as event director and Duke as assistant director. We would like to thank Mark Long and
Jerry Lindstrand and their staff of volunteers for the great job they have been doing with
this race. Also we would like to thank Fred and Susan Dummar for the outstanding job they
did during the 2 years they directed Ellerbe. And a special thanks to all the Mangum Track
Club members who consistently support this event as participants and volunteers every

The Ellerbe Marathon (formerly Ellerbe Springs Marathon) first ran in 1992. Its origin dates
to the fall of 1991 as Mark Long and Doug Dawkins were returning from the Greensboro
Marathon. At that time there were but a few marathons in North Carolina. By the time the
pair had reached Richmond County on Highway 220 they had mostly agreed on the idea of
working together to create a local marathon. At the very moment Doug asked where to
have the race they were driving past the entrance of the Ellerbe Springs Inn and Mark said
“How about right there?” A meeting the next week with Neal Cadieu and Beth Cadieu who
were the owner/operators of the inn resulted in an agreement and the first Ellerbe Springs
Marathon ran in April 1992 with 40 athletes finishing. Now, with the 2017 edition, the
Ellerbe Marathon has the distinction of being the second oldest, continuously held,
marathon in North Carolina. And the Ellerbe Half Marathon one of the newest!


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